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My fascination with swing dance first started in 2016, when I was working at a dairy in the middle of Wisconsin. A coworker found out about my love of big band music, and convinced me to go with her to a place called the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul, Minnesota. I went and soaked up the sounds, the atmosphere, and most of all, the energy. The entire environment was warm, engaging, and extremely friendly.

All it took was one experienced lead taking me out on the dance floor, and he made me look like I had been dancing for a million years; Right then and there, I realized that I had finally found something that I could be passionate about. When the summer was over and I headed back to my hometown in Cincinnati, I resolved then and there to find a place to learn how to swing dance, and where I could consistently go to dance.

Finding such a place was harder than I thought; It took me quite a few times of searching google to find a place to go, but finally I managed to find an old Facebook page for a place that was local. I had no idea that by searching for that, I would later find friends, a family, and a social life so busy that I have too many things to choose from for what I want to do each weekend. It is the best problem in the world to have, in my opinion.

A couple years later, I was introduced by a fellow dancer to the awesome website “SwingPlanIt“, which is a compendium of all the big swing dance competition events across the globe. It’s a amazing and wonderful idea, which got me thinking: If I’d had something like that for the local dance locations, I would’ve been able to start learning how to dance a couple weeks sooner than I did. So after doing some research and finding that no one had created such a thing, I decided to shoulder the task myself. And so, Swing Around The Corner was born!

My plan and ultimate goal for this website is to have a list of all the major cities of each of the 50 states, their local dance locations, gatherings and times. That way, any traveling dancers or anyone who is looking for a place to start learning about swing dance has an easier time of finding a place to dance! Eventually, if I have finished finding the places in the USA, I hope to extend that service globally!


To get started, just head over to your chosen State, choose the city you wish to dance in, and enjoy the locations I have found! If there’s nothing there yet, don’t despair! I’m working to find locations all the time, and this website will be updated constantly, so always check back to see the newest additions! And don’t forget to subscribe!



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