An Evening At Derby City Jockey Jump

One of the things I love most about dating a swing dancer is the random events we’ll go to. I never know when we’re going, we’ll just suddenly appear at an event on any given day. It’s always a wonderful adventure.

This weekend, after he got back from a trip exploring Denver’s Swing Dance Scene, my boyfriend came and picked me up. We drove to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the Derby City Jockey Jump event hosted by the lovely Lindyhop Louisville Swing Dance Community. We were a few of the first to arrive at the evening welcoming dance due to arriving a bit early, but the music was ready for us. The dance room was spacious, the floor was perfect for slides and hip swivels, and the atmosphere was warm. People trickled in over the next half hour in time for the main dance. The community was warm and welcoming, and attendance was around 20-30+.

The event was quite enjoyable, and I look forward to the next big event that LindyHop Louisville hosts!




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Lindy Hop Louisville

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