A Night On The Town with The Cincinnati Blues Dance Crew

In the past, I’ve been told that I have only one gear when it comes to dancing. My partner and I dance fast and all out; the more expressive and flashy, the better. So about a week ago, we decided to slow down and give blues dancing a try!

We headed down to The Corinthian in Clifton, Ohio to check out the  blues dance that the Blues Dance Cincinnati Group host each month, and it was well worth the trip. The group was fun and engaging and I saw several people that I knew from other venues. The dance floor was polished and great for swivels and rag-doll moves, though most dancers preferred to hold their partners close and do spins in place. I saw several wonderful styles of blues, and got to dance with several new people that I had not met before. It was definitely refreshing to slow down for once.

Food was available for purchase, as well as water, soda and adult beverages (to those of legal age), and there was plenty of seating if you wanted to take  break from dancing. I highly recommend the potato skins, which were loaded with cheddar cheese and onions and sour cream. Absolutely delicious!

As I always say, Learning never ends! I will always love going and learning new styles of dance, and Blues is definitely going to be something that I’ll be taking a few more lessons of.




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Locations visited:

The Corinthian


Additional Resources:

Blues Dance Cincinnati Monthly Dance Facebook


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