Practicing At College Hill Town Hall

Practicing dance moves and learning more is always key to improving yourself as a dancer, and if this website venture is doing anything, it’s helping me do exactly that. My partner brought back stellar moves back from Denver, and the venue we went to go dancing last Sunday afforded us plenty of space to practice them.

College Hill Town Hall is home to the Cincinnati Lindy Society’s Weekly Sunday dance, and in just a couple of weeks, the management of that dance is being undertaken by Cincyhop, the group in charge of Cincinnati’s big yearly event. This weekly dance has been running for nearly 7-8 years, and has boasted several popular bands from the local area and some from afar, like the Jive Aces from Britain!

It’s a lovely historic venue that is always a fun place to test out new moves, meet new people, and the music is always well chosen. My partner and I had plenty of space on the dance floor to avoid running into any of the other dancers while we practiced our new material, and a couple of the regulars from the group came and gave tips on how to fine-tune them!

Dancers of all levels are welcomed and invited to dance to each week and to learn the different styles that are provided before the main dance. It’s easygoing, and relaxing, and I will definitely be making a return visit!




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Locations visited:

College Hill Town Hall


Additional Resources:

Cincinnati Lindy Society Sunday Dances


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