Year’s End and New Year’s Goals!

It’s always amazing to me how fast a year goes by, and it always seems to go faster when you’re having fun. I spent this year’s end at the ever wonderful big event that Cincyhop hosts each New Years Eve, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to ring in the New Year.

Last night was spent dancing, laughing, and chatting with dancers familiar and new at College Hill Town Hall in Cincinnati. There was food aplenty; Seriously, someone brought a whole Honey Baked Ham, and by the end of the dance, it was completely finished off down to the bone! The DJs were fantastic, and in the remaining thirty minutes before midnight, they played music that had only been released in 2018, which was a pretty cool effect. 

The Shim Sham* was one of the largest I had seen for a while, and absolutely fantastic to watch, as the absolute wall of people followed the song’s moves. The energy is always fun to watch people scramble after the choreography to find a partner for the end of the song. My only issue was that I couldn’t dance and get the video of the dance at the same time!

One of the highlights of the night also had to be the Jam Circle* that formed right before Midnight. The music was fast, the couples were showing off, and random people would grab old friends or new friends to show off their moves in the center. Each couple got a set amount of time to use before the next people would bump them out, and everyone was laughing and having a great time.

Anyways, as the year has come to a close, I am left reflecting about how much I’ve managed to get done with this website over the last four months, and what I hope to accomplish in the next year. I’ve managed to launch the website, get the Instagram and Facebook page set up and off the ground, reached 100+ followers on said Instagram, visited several locations near and far, and found a passion for the website that I didn’t realize I could have about any one subject. For the first time in my life, I’ve found something that I actively  create projects, keep to deadlines, and create content for you, the reader. I’ve made new friends, learned several new skills, and learned more about myself.

So going forward with the brand new year of 2019, I’m going to set the following goals:

  1. Visit at least 5 weekly/monthly dance locations in states that are outside of my home state;
  2. Have a logo created for the website, Instagram and Facebook;
  3. Post information for and complete potentially 5-10 states;
  4. Visit one international dance event (Regensburg, Germany, I’m looking at you!)
  5. Continue to learn more about website building so that I can bring more fabulous content to this site!

I look forward to this year, and I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve as well!



(*For new readers who may not be familiar with what the Shim Sham or what a Jam Circle is, head to the bottom of the page to view a video and read the description!)

To learn more about various Ohio Swing Dance venues, click here!

Locations visited:

College Hill Town Hall


Additional Resources:

Cincinnati Dance Venues

Cincyhop Facebook Page


^*The Shim Sham originated as a dance routine done by swing dancers in the 1920s. The routine consisted of standard steps: eight bars each of the Double Shuffle, the Cross Over, Tack Annie (an up-and-back shuffle), and Falling Off a Log, all of which are standard dance moves, and can be applied in most dances. Today in most swing dance venues, once the  choreography is over, dancers typically grab the nearest partner and break into swing dance for the remainder of the song. 

^*A Jam Circle is when dancers fall away from the middle of the floor to form a circle in which solo dancers or dance couples take turns in either 4 to 8 measures to show off their best dance moves and tricks. Some circles can be staged, but most form spontaneously when the mood of the crowd and the energy is right. Jam Circles form for certain songs like Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman, or other various songs that are fast and upbeat. 

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