Attending Dayton Swing Smackdown 2019


Hello again, guys and dolls! It’s been a while! Apologies if you missed me, I’ve been moving and adjusting to a new job at the same time. My presence here may be scarce for a little while longer due to using my spare time to unpack everything, but hopefully that won’t take too long.

I’m writing to you today because you may have seen that I went and attended an event recently. I got to attend the Dayton Swing Smackdown a couple weekends ago and I wanted to share my experience with you!


But first, a little background: The Dayton Swing Smackdown is hosted on the outskirts of Dayton in Miamisburg, OH, and independently of any one dance group. It’s a yearly event occurring towards the end of February, with events spanning from Friday to Sunday. Saturday is usually the day with the most events, with four workshops that last an hour each with a break for lunch, and then the team competition plus the mix and match spaced evenly throughout the evening social dance.

Smackdown always has a good reputation for inviting in pretty good instructors for their workshops, and the ones I got to attend were by Jenna Applegarth and Jon Tiggart, and Cindiasaurus Rex and Jony Navarro. Both pairs of instructors kept the workshop light and easy to follow, and were adept at managing the large crowd that had attended the workshops. (Click HERE to find out more about the instructors.)

I only attended Saturday’s events, but for the first time in about ten years, my hometown of Cincinnati had a team competing in the team competition, going by the moniker of the 513 Special. They performed well (despite my lackluster recording ability and user error with the various social platforms) and ended up placing in 3rd place. There were 6 great teams competing; 1) STL Live Wires from Saint Louis, 2) SwingColumbus from Columbus, Ohio, 3) 513 Special from Cincinnati, Ohio, 4) SwingCats from University of Dayton,Ohio, 5) Gem City Swing, also from Dayton,Ohio, and 6) Rapid Rhythms from Michigan. (If you wish to see the performances, click HERE for the official coverage done by the event!)

I got to meet so many people, and so many had come from several different states to attend, like Wisconsin, Michigan, and many more. Also, to those who I talked to and got information from about their swing scenes: 1) HI, 2) Thanks for reading, and 3) Thanks for letting me bug you for information! Y’all are the reason I do this!

Before I sign off for this post, I have a few pieces of dance news and upcoming expectations for the site to let you know about.


In dance news, a Swing Legend needs our help. Norma Miller is about to reach her 100th birthday, but her health is not what it used to be, so she is going to require having a full time medical aide. So let’s help lend a helping hand and help this one of a kind lady get back on her feet! (Head over to her GoFundMe hosted by the Frankie Miller Association HERE.)


Coming up for the website, I’m still working on getting a logo for the website, so I’m hoping to have that finished soon. Updates for the cities and states dance locations will start showing up once a week in the coming month, and I’m also setting up a Patreon. I also hope to be setting up a podcast soon which focuses on various swing dance subjects like swing dance history, current news, upcoming events across the states, and interviews with various swing dance instructors and big names about how they got their start and their experiences. The current plan with that is to have it post once a month or possibly every two weeks provided I have the time for recording and editing, but before I can do that, I need to save up for the correct recording equipment first. (If you’d like to help this become a reality quicker, click HERE to donate!)


If you have any ideas or suggestions on stuff you would like covered on the website or the podcast, shoot me a message in the recommendations page or to!


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Locations visited:

Dayton, Ohio


Additional Resources:

Dayton Swing Smackdown Website


Dayton Swing Smackdown Youtube Channel

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