The Long Awaited Regensburg Adventure (May 31- June 2)

When I first went to Germany back in the rainy spring of 2013, I had never been part of a swing dancing group. I traveled with my boyfriend of the time and spent a lovely five months learning the language of the land, getting comfortable in the beautiful landscape of Regensburg. When I left, I hoped that it would not be my first and last time visiting, and for many years I missed  that lovely city. So, when I read on in 2018 that Regensburg had a swing dance group and was hosting their first Lindy exchange, I was excited to have a goal to work towards. I finally had an opportunity to go back to the city I loved.

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Practicing At College Hill Town Hall

Practicing dance moves and learning more is always key to improving yourself as a dancer, and if this website venture is doing anything, it’s helping me do exactly that. My partner brought back stellar moves back from Denver, and the venue we went to go dancing last Sunday afforded us plenty of space to practice them.

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A Night On The Town with The Cincinnati Blues Dance Crew

In the past, I’ve been told that I have only one gear when it comes to dancing. My partner and I dance fast and all out; the more expressive and flashy, the better. So about a week ago, we decided to slow down and give blues dancing a try!

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