Birmingham, Alabama

Welcome to Birmingham! Here you can find all the locations and times throughout a general week/month for swing dances across the city!


~= I have visited said state and have found a location!

* = Smaller sized venue, great for Balboa and couples dancing! Dedicated space for dancing may vary.

**= Medium sized venue, great for medium groups of friends and dancers! Dedicated space for dance available.

***= Larger sized venue, great for a community dance and larger events!

  • Monday:
    • Steel City Swing, [1820 3rd Ave N, 201, Birmingham, AL 35203]; lesson from 7pm-8pm ($7), social dance from 8pm-10pm ($10). {Additional notes}. (Classes offered include Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Charleston, Balboa, Solo Jazz and more)
  • Tuesday:
    • No information as of yet!
  • Wednesday:
    • No information as of yet!
  • Thursday:
    • No information as of yet!
  • Friday:
  • Saturday:
    • No information as of yet!
  • Sunday:
    • No information as of yet!

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