Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to Atlanta! Here you can find all the locations and times throughout a general week/month for swing dances across the city!

Dance Styles Offered: Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Speed Lindy, Charleston, and Collegiate Shag


~= I have visited said state and have found a location!

* = Smaller sized venue, great for Balboa and couples dancing! Dedicated space for dancing may vary.

**= Medium sized venue, great for medium groups of friends and dancers! Dedicated space for dance available.

***= Larger sized venue, great for a community dance and larger events!

  • Monday:
    • Hot Jam Swings Dance Night @ Ambient+Studio, [585 Wells Street, Atlanta, GA, 30312]; Intermediate Lesson from 7pm-8pm ($20), Beginners Lesson from 8pm-8:30pm (free!); Social dance from 8:30pm-11pm ($9). (Offers Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Speed Lindy, Charleston, and Collegiate Shag)
  • Tuesday:
    • No information as of yet!
  • Wednesday:
    • No information as of yet!
  • Thursday:
    • No information as of yet!
  • Friday:
  • Saturday:
    • Agnes Scott Monthly Dance (Check Facebook for exact date), [Location may vary]; Beginner Lesson generally starts at 8pm, Social Dance goes from 8:30pm-11pm. (Admission Price Not Found)
  • Sunday:
    • No information as of yet!


Additional Sources:

Agnes Scott Swing Dance Club Facebook

Atlanta Swing Dancers Club

Atlanta Swing Dancers Club Facebook

Georgia Tech Dance Association

Georgia Tech Dance Association Facebook

Hot Jam Swings

Hot Jam Swings Facebook


Local Bands:

The Harlequin Jazz Band

The Harlequin Jazz Band Facebook

Moonshine Rhythm Club Facebook

If you’re looking for more lessons rather than social dance, check below for local dance studios:

Down South Swing (Offers Lindy Hop, Swing Dance, Vernacular Jazz, Blues, Balboa and Private Lessons)

Dancing4Fun Dance Studio (Offers 3hr East Coast Swing boot-camp on the 2d Saturday of every month, 1-4pm)

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